Bud Jones spotted a dead possum on the side of
the road. Jones pulled over to retrieve the fresh
roadkill and took it back to his taxidermy
shop/wildlife museum to work his preservation
magic. He placed the new piece on display and
named it Spencer after Ralph Spencer, a
businessman who helped the town thrive in the
late 1800s.

But why bestow such an honor on a curly-tailed
marsupial? Before the city became officially
known as Tallapoosa after the nearby river of the
same name, the miners who panned for gold in the
region called the town Possum Snout.  Many
locals consider this colorful history a point of
pride, so possums have become a sort of unofficial
mascot of the town.
Below is the history of Tallapoosa, Ga and our famous Possum "Spencer"
Sky Tracker New Year's Eve at The Possum Drop Tallapoosa, Ga
New Year's Fireworks at The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga
J & M Fireworks  ~  Sky Tracker Searchlights  ~  Ready or Not Staging
Possum Drop Interview on KFI 640 AM Los Angles
Click above and listen to the live radio interview
on KFI AM 604 in Los Angles / Orange County.
One of the largest radio stations in the
country,with 1. 5 million listeners daily.
Billy Carter, brother of former President Jimmy Carter
Georgia, The Empire State of the South.
he home of peaches, peanuts, Coca-Cola, Billy Carter
and The Possum Drop;
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Mid Night ~ New Years Eve ~ Tallapoosa, Ga.

Join the residents of this West Georgia Community, formerly
know as "Possum Snout",  as they ring in the New Year.
At mid-night a
stuffed possum named "Spencer" is lowered in
a holiday lights covered ball from atop the Cain Law Office
building which is one of the cities oldest buildings. Its an
evening filled with music, fireworks and fun activities for your
entire family. In recent years the event has grown and
attracted local media as well as national attention. We invite
you and your family to join us this New Years Eve as we
celebrate the New Year.

If you are visiting from another area we would like to
welcome you to our West Georgia Community. If you would
like more information on living, working, education or owning
a business in West Georgia, follow the links provided on this

We look forward to seeing you at The Possum Drop in
Tallapoosa, Georgia !
Tallapoosa Ga Possum Drop in the news Coast to Coast
The Possum Drop is in the news Coast to Coast !
The Possum Drop is completely funded by
our Civic and Business Sponsors!
Did You Know ???
Planning for The Possum Drop is a year long process !  
Selecting entertainment & vendors, securing sponsors, advertising,
promoting and planing the event is a year long process.
Behind The Scenes
In 2013 "The Learning Channel" (TLC) choose
Tallapoosa, Georgia and The Possum Drop as
the filming location and theme for The New
Year's Special for their hit television show
"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
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*Family Fun &
"One of the biggest
and best-known
drops in the state"
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Georgia's Largest Family Friendly
New Years Eve Celebration
The World Famous
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"16 weird things we
drop to ring in the new
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"Nothing solidifies the New Year like fireworks, a
midnight kiss and … a possum; at least in west

In the Haralson County town of Tallapoosa, the
annual New Year’s Possum Drop is the highlight of
the season. Drawing in a crowd of almost 10,000
onlookers, this small town event is a holiday staple
for the west Georgia and Alabama areas"
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The Possum Drop ~ Tallapoosa, Ga
"The Best New Year's Eve Celebration In Georgia"
9 of the best
family-friendly New
Year's celebrations in
Meet the Artist / Creator of the "Possum" used in our logo !
Sam Georgieff
Company Overview
Poordogfarm is the name of our 1890 Victorian farm. Poor Dog Farm came from all the
dogs, cats, turtle, rabbits, and even a goose we seem to adopt!!

We are located here in beautiful Southern PA, surrounded by farms and a golf course.

In my store you will find a variety of artwork. From original paintings to hand painted prints.
I also sell archival prints and limited editions.
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7 Unique Georgia New Year's Eve Events

Count down to the New Year at these Georgia events
with real hometown atmosphere.
The "Possum Drop" is a tradition that career
taxidermists Bud and Jackie Jones helped establish in
their small town.
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Peoria, Illinois
In a city desperate for ideas, can a possum
play in Peoria?   
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Austin, Texas
New Year’s Eve: Weird Alternatives to the
Times Square Ball
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"Possum Drop may be a peach
as Peach Drop plays possum"