The Possum Drop
Tallapoosa, Georgia
Thursday December 31, 2015

Music & Entertainment ~ Fireworks Display ~Family Fun ~ FREE!!!
We Hope To See You At
The Possum Drop
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Mid Night ~ New Years Eve ~ Tallapoosa, Ga.

Join the residents of this West Georgia Community, formerly know as "Possum Snout",  as they ring in the New Year.
At mid-night a stuffed possum named "Spencer" is lowered in a holiday lights covered ball from atop one of the cities oldest buildings.
Its an evening filled with music, fireworks and fun activities for your entire family. In recent years the event has grown and attracted
local media as well as national attention. We invite you and your family to join us this New Years Eve as we celebrate the New Year.
If you are visiting from another area we would like to welcome you to our West Georgia Community. If you would like more
information on living, working, education or owning a business in West Georgia, follow the links provided on this site.

We look forward to seeing you at The Possum Drop !  
Danny Welch   770-328-0329
Patrick Clarey   770-574-2345

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Georgia New Years Eve Celebrations. The Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, Ga.
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Celebrate New Years Eve at The Possum Drop
Music ~ Fireworks Display ~ Food ~ Family Fun

5:00 PM -               

6:15 PM -             

7:30PM - 8:00    

8:30-                 Mayor Pete Bridges Welcomes Guest to Tallapoosa.

9:00PM -           Crown The 2016 Possum King & Queen

9:30- 10:00 PM -  "On The Border"
                    *(will play two 45 -50 minute sets
                     with a 20 - 30 minute intermission
                     between the sets)

11:58 PM -      Count down to mid night with Rhubarb Jones.

12:00 PM -      Fireworks Display.

12:30 AM - End

Check back for entertainment updates and the December 31, 2014
       ******( Some time changes may occur.)*******  

Admission to The Event is FREE !
The Possum Drop 2015/2016
Program Schedule
Thursday December 31, 2015
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New Years Eve ?
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Mayor Pete Bridges & Rhubarb Jones
Need Directions ?
Tallapoosa is about a 50 minute drive West of Atlanta
just off Interstate I-20 at Exit #5 near the Alabama line.
Arrive Early and spend the afternoon in
Tallapoosa !

Bring Cash for souvenirs and other purchases.
Many vendors and businesses are cash only. An
ATM machine is available in Papous Pizza and
two local banks have outside ATM machines.
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The 2012 Possum Drop
For general information

Possum Drop Hot Line

678-250-DROP ( 3767 )
We Do Not Use A Live Opossum.

Our opossum died of Natural Caused
and was preserved by a local taxidermist.

Mayor Pete Bridges & Rhubarb Jones at The Possum Drop
The Empire State of the
South, Georgia.
he home of peaches, peanuts,
Coca-Cola, Billy Carter and The
Possum Drop;

Click photo for the full story.
Best New Years Eve celebration in Georgia ~ The Possum Drop
Invite your Friends &
Family to celebrate
New Year's Eve at
The Possum Drop.
Music ~ Fireworks
Family Fun
General Information
* Tallapoosa is approximately a 45 minute drive from Atlanta on I-20 West.
*This is an outdoor event. No seating is provided.
* Because of the crowd size and noise, we suggest you leave pets at home.
* Alcohol is not allowed. (Johnny's Bar and the Mexican Restaurant do sell alcohol.)
*The event is on Head Ave in the downtown area of the city.
*Dress Warm. Temperatures are forecast to be in low 30's to upper 20's. No rain is expected. ~
*Porta - Potties are provided.
* Bring Cash. Some restaurants and vendors are "Cash Only" Two local banks have outside ATM's.
* Several Food Vendors with Coffee & Hot Chocolate and fast foods.
* Several Restaurants and stores will be open.
* Souvenir Vendors with New Year novelties.
* Possum Drop Tee Shirts and Band Tee Shirts will be on sale.
* Parking is available on the sides of city streets, in many business and church parking lots.
* Lodging is available at Exit 5 in Tallapoosa and several motels are at Exit 11 in Bremen, Ga., just
a few miles away.
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